The story began, when I was looking for the perfect baby carrier for my daughter Adrianka. 

Led me to the foundation of Andala Care

I started to collect all available information, read the websites, with specialisation to baby wearing,  professional groups, blogs and studies.

I have tested a lot of baby carriers available on the Czech and foreign markets. The most important criterion for me was meeting the safety and ergonomic requirements and high quality from tailor point of view.
Long and careful research did not bring me the solution. The carrier, that I preferred, was unfortunately either unreasonably expensive, had bad user ratings, or was limited by the age of the child.

Finally, I decided to apply my education in the clothing industry and return with love to my beloved hobby. I cleaned my old sewing machine, I have used last time during my studies and designed my own carrier. I was excited about the result - my own material, my favorite colors, an interesting pattern and perfect comfortable carrier, which meets all my requirements!

And above all - what can be more than make something truly nice for our little ones?

I'm more happy today because I was given the opportunity to provide the same care to you as well.

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